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Slow Fermented Sourdough

Traditional Sourdough starter, or 'The Mother'.

Traditional Sourdough starter, or ‘The Mother’. Fed every day as you would any other living creature.

Four year old starter. inoculated with wild yeast via some wine grapes in the Okanagan. This is the basis for ALL of our bread products.

The Barefoot Sommelier’s Sourdough Bread is 100% Sourdough Leaven and is cited by several ‘gluten sensitive’ clients as ‘non-irritating’.

Our other breads are a combination of Sourdough Leaven and ‘Poolish’, which is a fast rising mixture of commercial yeast, flour and water. Because of the shorter rise time for these breads and the addition of baker’s yeast and flour we advise ‘gluten sensitive’ people to expect a reaction to these breads. For those who are not sensitive to gluten, enjoy! They will still be better for the fermentation that has occurred  for digestion and more available nutrients than any supermarket bread!

Our Breads


Sourdough baguettes, 200g. Perfect with a glass of wine and amenities like cheese and charcuterie.

1kg loaves of 18 hour slow fermented sourdough.

1kg loaves of 18 hour slow fermented sourdough.


With the addition of walnuts, dried apricots and chocolate chips, it becomes a real treat!

100% slow fermented sourdough is available in:

Rich, decadent brioche! Excellent French Toast! Made with cream, eggs and butter! The room smells like browned butter when toasted!

A mixture of poolish and sourdough gives these French style loaves a nice crust, firmer texture and a more complex flavour than regular French style.



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